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Indiana Insurance Pre-License Courses

Study Online to Get Your Insurance Licence in Indiana

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It’s now easier and more affordable to take Indiana insurance pre-license courses online.

Looking for insurance classes online? ProTraining has the Indiana insurance pre-license courses you need.

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Your Accredited Indiana Insurance School — Online with Full Support

Insurance school has never been easier, more convenient, or more affordable. And with ProTraining, your courses are supported by a friendly team here to help you navigate your way to an Indiana insurance license.


Pre-License Training Approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance

Recognized and approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance, all ProTraining insurance pre-license courses are formatted to fit the state licensing exam outline.

Choose life and health, property and casualty or Exam4Caster® training, study and get certified to take your Indiana state insurance exam!

Health and life

Property and casualty

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How to Become an Insurance Professional in Indiana

Learn what's required to become an Insurance Professional in Indiana.


Add the Insurance License Exam4Caster® Prep Course

Get Advanced Life and Health / Property and Casualty Insurance Exam Simulation — for better exam results.

ProTraining’s Exam4Caster® is a premium exam simulation and testing tool designed to help you pass your insurance license exam. 

With Exam4Caster® you can:

  • Identify critical information on the insurance licensing exam
  • Master exam-critical knowledge
  • Test your readiness by passing a standardized test

Exam4Caster® offers four practice exams with over 450 questions. As you test your knowledge, get feedback on key concepts so you can be ready to pass your Indiana insurance exam.

Get Exam4Caster® for your Indiana Insurance Exam!

Health and life exam prep

Property and casualty exam prep

5 Steps to Your Indiana Insurance License

Step 1

Complete a Pre-License Training Course

Step 2

Book your Licensing Exam

Step 3

Pass your Licensing Exam

Step 4

Apply for Your License 

Step 5

Maintain Your License with Continuing Education

Best Online Insurance School for Indiana Pre-License Training

100% online training gets you exam-ready faster and more conveniently. But not all online insurance courses are created equal.

With ProTraining, you get Indiana insurance pre-license training that’s:

  • Hosted on a modern, intuitive learning platform
  • Backed by an incredible customer support team
  • Indiana-accredited and fully updated

Professionally written by insurance education experts, ProTraining courses make it easier to pass the Indiana insurance licensing exam.

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