Food Safety Management, Florida, and Food and Beverages

Florida Learn2Serve Food Safety Management Principles

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This course helps food managers understand food safety issues, regulations, and techniques for food safety management This course does not include an exam and does not result in Food Protection Manager Certification. To complete that certification, you'll need to pass the Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Exam, or another ANSI-CFP accredited exam. Please note that certain areas may require training or additional paperwork or registration. Please check with your local health department to make sure you are in compliance.

Learning Objectives  

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to effectively: 

  • Discuss Food Safety, its importance, and those who enforce it 
  • Identify Foodborne Illness and Its Causes 
  • Identify Biological, Physical, and Chemical Contamination 
  • Describe Preservation and Temperature Control 
  • Discuss the Importance of Proper Personal Hygiene in the Workplace 
  • Implement Appropriate Procedures to Receive and Store Food
  • Discuss Cleaning, Sanitization, Pest Control and Facility Design 
  • Create and Implement The HACCP System

End of Course Information 

After completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion. It will be sent via email and will also be available within the course module. This certificate shows that you completed this training. It is not a Food Protection Manager Certification (CFPM). For that certification, please take the Learn2Serve Food Protection Manager Certification Examination. If you work in Texas, you can take the Texas Food Manager Exam available in English and Spanish.

Quiz Information  

Each lesson has a 10 questions quiz. You must score 70% on each lesson quiz to proceed to the next lesson.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Food Safety  
  • Lesson 2: Biohazards, Foodborne Disease, and Food Spoilage 
  • Lesson 3: Contaminants 
  • Lesson 4: Foods and Temperature Control 
  • Lesson 5: Employee Health, Hygiene, and Training 
  • Lesson 6: Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing Food 
  • Lesson 7: Cleaning and Sanitizing 
  • Lesson 8: Pest Control 
  • Lesson 9: Facility Design 
  • Lesson 10: HACCP System Basics 
  • Lesson 11: Applying HACCP Principles to a HACCP Plan 
  • Lesson 12: Regulatory Compliance and Documentation
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