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Georgia 75 Hour Real Estate Pre-License Package (Basic)

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Our Georgia real estate pre-licensing courses is the perfect choice for aspiring Georgia real estate agents. Thousands of professionals in Atlanta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs and across the US have chosen ProTraining to complete their pre-licensing courses. 

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  • Getting your Georgia Real Estate License is simple 
  • Step 1 Meet the minimum Requirements
  • Step 2 Completion of Georgia approved 75 hour pre-license education course
  • Step 3 Apply for the Real Estate Salesperson Examination and Real Estate License
  • Step 4 Take and Pass Your Licensing Exam
  • Step 5 Maintain Your License with Continuing Education

The Georgia pre-license fundamentals portion of this package introduces students to the various types of real estate careers, activities, companies and governmental agencies that regulate the industry. The course explores property rights, forms of ownership, property restrictions and zoning. Students learn mathematical calculations and formulas commonly used in the real estate industry. There is an overview of agency relationships, contract law, property transfers, listing agreements and deeds as well as environmental issues that licensees may encounter. The general pre-license section ends with an exploration of loans and the loan process, leasing, appraisal methods and fair housing laws. The student will examine Georgia Real Estate License Law governing the licensing and conduct of real estate professionals, the structure and duties of the Georgia Real Estate Commission and the requirements for the licensure for both salesperson and broker. The steps required for setting up and maintaining escrow/trust accounts and actions that are not in compliance with Georgia real estate license law are covered along with the Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund. Students will explore unfair trade practices and licensees that are prohibited from engaging in, the Commission complaint process, the activities that require a real estate license and how the Criminal Code of Georgia relates to real estate licensees. 

This course also covers the requirements of obtaining and renewing a real estate license. The responsibilities of brokers, advertising requirements and agency relationships. Students will learn about mortgage fraud, Georgia Fair Housing Law and the Brokerage Relationship in Real Estate Transaction (BRRETA).

In the Real Estate Math section, students will review basic math skills and understand how to apply real estate terminology and specific formulas to problems and tasks common in the real estate industry. Topics include volume calculation, the Rectangular Survey System, the Metes and Bounds System, proration, commission rates and property values. This course will help students develop the skills the complete a review of settlement costs and explain this information to clients.

Course Outline

  • Real Estate as a Career
  • Real Estate Violations
  • Real Property Rights
  • Characteristics of Real Property
  • Land use
  • Fixtures
  • Land, Tenements, Hereditaments and Estates
  • Life Estates
  • Life Tenants and Nonfrehold Estates
  • Concurrent Ownership
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Time Shares and Business Organization Ownership
  • Easements and Liens
  • Restrictions and Covernants
  • Zoning
  • Real Estate Ownership: A Summary
  • Real Estate Math: Formulas
  • Real Estate Math: Survey Systems
  • Agency and Brokerage Relationships
Course Details
75 hours
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